Dog Separation Anxiety

17 Best Calming Chews For Dogs – 2022 Ranked & Reviewed

By Pete Coulis / November 18, 2022

Best Calming Treats For Dogs – For All Types of Anxiety, Including Separation Anxiety Dog anxiety is no fun for both the owner and the dog. Separation anxiety is one of the leading causes of dogs being given up to shelters because of excessive barking or destructive behavior. If behavior modification won’t work, the next…

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dog mobility

Top 6 Best Glucosamine Supplements For Dogs In 2022

By Pete Coulis / July 15, 2022

Save Hours Searching For The Best Dog Joint Supplements With This Detailed & Vetted List. Glucosamine for dogs has been preached by veterinarians for years. Glucosamine supplements offer pain relief, prevention, and the slowing of osteoarthritis in dogs. We’ve ranked and reviewed the top 6 best supplements to support your dog’s joint health in 2022.…

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7 Best Poop Eating Deterrents For Dogs (Ranked & Reviewed)

By Pete Coulis / June 2, 2022

Choose The Best Poop Eating Deterrent For Your Dog (Updated 2022) Overview: Coprophagia in dogs is a habit most dog owners don’t like to discuss. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the top 7 best poop eating deterrent for dogs so you can put an end to the stinky mouth kisses and get back to enjoying…

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Coprophagia In Dogs | Best 6 Tips On How To Prevent & Treat It

By Pete Coulis / April 25, 2022

Overview: Coprophagia in dogs is the practice of eating stool (feces). This can be the dogs’ own stool, or the stools of other animals. Dog owners love a heartfelt kiss from their furry friend, but if you catch your pal eating poop first, all bets are off. Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? We dog owners…

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Glucosamine For Dogs In 2022: Comprehensive Guide & Tips

By Pete Coulis / April 9, 2022

Glucosamine For Dogs: What Exactly Is This Natural Compound & How Can It Dramatically Improve Mobility In Dogs?  

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DIY Dog & Cat Treats

By Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM, MPH / December 4, 2020

Is your pet starting to get bored around the house with the same old toys? While we want to give our pet the world as a pet owner, we know that a new toy will not last long at all. So, instead of rushing to the pet store for a new toy, how about trying…

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Tips for Using Digestive Enzymes in Dogs

By Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM, MPH / November 3, 2020

Anytime I go for a slice of pizza, a grilled cheese, or anything else with a lot of dairy, I know it’s a bit of a mixed blessing. Boy do I love those foods, but boy will I regret it later. What most of us wouldn’t give to digest some things just a little better.…

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Halloween Costumes for Pets

By Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM, MPH / October 16, 2020

Are you ready for Halloween? This year’s holiday may not look the same as before, but that doesn’t mean you and your pet can’t have fun together! With the night inching closer and closer, the rush to pick out a costume is upon us. While you search for the perfect costume, don’t forget to include…

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senior dog

Tips for Caring for Senior Dogs

By Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM, MPH / October 5, 2020

“He’s having a hard time getting up the stairs.”

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6 Tips to Stop a Dog From Peeing in the House

By Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM, MPH / September 28, 2020

There may be nothing more frustrating and stressing on the bond shared with a pet than to find a freshly laid urine puddle sitting on the kitchen floor. Or a wet spot on the carpet that you really hope is just water, but know it really isn’t.

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