National Cat Day: A Purr-fect Holiday

National Cat Day is one of the rare moments that people can come together to celebrate the little feline friends that grace their lives every day. Around four in ten people are cat owners, putting cats as one of the most popular pets for people. Even though so many people own them, many people don’t even realize that these little furballs are able to do so much for humans every single day. So, why not discover the many benefits cats have in store for their owners and maybe even decide to give back to them for a day?bigstock-Cute-ginger-cat-sleeps-on-warm-82596719

How Cats Help You Live a Healthier Life

Despite the amount of stigma cats receive for being aloof, cats seem to have discreet benefits that can make any owner happier, healthier, and have a strong and meaningful bond with their animal. To no surprise, cats are known to be one of the more low-maintenance pets you can own. Cats are very self-sufficient in terms of hygiene and don’t really require walks. Cats can fit into a person’s busy schedule almost seamlessly with daily maintenance. Of course, there is much more to caring for a pet than just feeding and cleaning out their litterbox. Playing or spending time with a kitty is one of the best parts of being a cat owner. As with many animals, cuddling with a cat can calm people down and reduce their overall stress or anxiety. Having less overall stress also reduces a person’s risk for various heart diseases such as strokes. Not only does the presence of a cat calm people down, but cats themselves can contribute to their owner’s well-being. Studies have recently discovered that a cat’s purr can actually help human’s muscles or tendons heal. A typical cat’s purr resounds around 20-140 Hz, while the frequency ranging 18-35 Hz has been proven to have positive effects on joints and muscles in humans. So, if you are having a rough day, maybe all you need is some cuddle time with a kitty. If that is not enough, a cat’s purr has also shown to help reduce dyspnea, also known as difficulty with breathing, as long as the patient is not allergic. In regards to allergies, children who grew up with a kitty companion are less likely to develop allergies and asthma later on in their lives. These allergies include pet allergies but are not limited to common allergies such as dust and grass. With so many benefits, who wouldn’t want a lovable cat in their lives?bigstock-Relaxed-domestic-cat-at-home--239672119

What You Can do to Show Your Appreciation

Since cats help us in so many ways and love us unconditionally, how can we say ‘thank you’ in a meaningful way? In fact, National Cat Day was founded to raise awareness towards the amount of homeless and sheltered cats around the world. On that note, adopting a cat if you are able is one of the best ways to celebrate this occasion. A new home is a perfect gift that any kitty could ever ask for. If you cannot handle the responsibility of a pet at the moment, donating supplies such as blankets, food, or fun little toys to local shelters or welfare programs or volunteering your time at them can do just as much for a cat in need. As a pet owner, spoiling your cat a little with a new treat or toy could lighten their mood and show them you care. The important thing to do is at least spend some quality time with your companion and let them know they are loved and appreciated.




Whichever way you decide to spend National Cat Day, just remember the various ways cats help us in our day-to-day lives. In a way, these benefits can be seen as their discreet way of showing their love for us. So, say that you love them too by doing something for a cat today!

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Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM, MPH

Chris is a seasoned veterinarian with over 15 years of animal health experience in small animal, large/farm animal, equine, and public health fields.

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