Tear Stain Topical Remover with Aloe for Dogs and Cats

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Does your pet suffer from unattractive tear stains? Help remove tear stains topically with Healthy Solutions water-based, wiping solution. Easily removes tear stains and saliva stains from your pet’s fur. The soothing formula with Cucumber, Watercress and Aloe Vera helps to eliminate the stained area. Can be used on a regular basis and recommended to use in conjunction with Tear Stain Soft Chew Supplements to help eliminate tear stains from the inside out. Both products are veterinarian formulated for both dogs and cats.

Do not use directly in eyes. Moisten a cotton ball with Healthy Solutions Tear Stain Remover and gently wipe over stained fur area. Rinse the area with water after applying to your pet.

Note: Use daily until tear stains subside then apply daily to help prevent re-occurrence.

Helpful Tip: Use in conjunction with Healthy Solutions Tear Stain Soft Chews to remove tear stains from the inside and out.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Cucumber & Watercress Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride.

3 reviews for Tear Stain Topical Remover with Aloe for Dogs and Cats

  1. Heather P

    I really thought there was nothing I could about my maltese and her really bad stains around her eyes, but I was blown away by the results of this thing. It took a few days for the stains to start fading and now 3 weeks into this product she looks so pretty. You guys really did me a solid, my pooch looks beautiful. Thanks so much!

  2. Sandra

    This worked perfectly for my dog and her tear stains. It’s easy to apply and from what I can tell it doesn’t seem to hurt her eyes. Thank you

  3. Olivia

    I knew my Maltese’s stain problem had gotten out of hand when my new neighbors thought she was a stray (she had escaped). She had really bad red stains all near her eyes and it was very sad to see her like that because I remembered her before the stains. Looking for something to help with her eye stains I found this product, and I am very cautious when I buy stuff online, the guarantee of this company really helped me choose it. When I got it I started applying it to my dog, very easy to apply, and in a matter of days she looked sooo much better. The stains were less red and her eye area looked more clean. She looks like her old self again! And I am writing this review because of what this meant to me to see her all beautiful again, for that I thank you! Strongly recommend it for people with dogs that are prone to eye stains.

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