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Hemp Calming Aid With Hemp Oil and Naturally Occurring CBD

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Every pet owner knows how hard it can be to see your pet stressed out and anxious. You can feel helpless and worried that they could do damage to your home, or worse themselves. Once your dog gets worked up it can be almost impossible to calm them without a heavy sedative which brings worries of its own. Those are the moments when you’d give almost anything to be able to help them. You look forward to your dog being calm and relaxed again, back to their old happy self.

With our Hemp calming aid, that’s the piece of mind you receive. Whether it be fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety or even a trip to the vet or groomers our calming aid has a special formulation of Chamomile, Thiamine, L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, and Hemp Oil with naturally occurring CBD that promotes a gentle sense of relaxation to help your pet remain calm. Allowing you both to get back to the more important things in life, like wet slobbery kisses, belly rubs, and games of fetch.

Be prepared in advance of the next stressful situation your pet may encounter and order our Hemp Calming Aid today.

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Hemp Calming Aid for dogs with Chamomile, Thiamine, L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, Hemp Seed, and naturally occurring CBD. To complete this synergistic blend we have added Ginger to help support sensitive stomachs which is especially helpful while traveling. Veterinarian formulated for a safe and effective solution.

For use in dogs over the age of 12 weeks.

Directions For Use:
Weight Amount
Up to 26 lbs. 1 soft chew
27 to 50 lbs. 2 soft chews
51 to 99 lbs. 4 soft chews
100 lbs. and over 6 soft chews
Give recommended amount 30 minutes prior to stressful situation. Do not exceed double the above specified amount in a 12-hour period.
Active Ingredients per 2 Soft Chews:
Hemp Seed Oil 200 mg, Hemp Seed Powder 200 mg, Chamomile 150 mg , Ginger 100 mg ,Passion Flower 100 mg, Thiamine Mononitrate 60 mg , L-Tryptophan 30 mg , Melatonin 120 mcg

3 reviews for Hemp Calming Aid With Hemp Oil and Naturally Occurring CBD

  1. Tina Smith (verified owner)

    I won these great calming aids and they really calm our daschund down. They help when we leave and especially in the evening when he’s barking at everything he hears we give him one and it calms him down. I will definitely order some soon. I would recommend them to hyper dogs especially. The cost is about the same or less than I’ve found any place else.

  2. Sandy P (verified owner)

    My dog can be very hyper at night and loud that I’ve even had neighbors complain about him. I wanted to try this but didn’t think it would work so well and didn’t know much about hemp products for dogs. But it has workd really well I give it to him around nightime now to keep him calm and more quiet. Thanks a bunch!!

  3. Marie Anne (verified owner)

    My dog is not calm at all when visitors come. We give it to him before people come over or if we are going to be away for a while. Kicks in and lasts as long as they say. We do it just to take the edge off his excited and anxious level. It just makes him a little sleepy for a while. I’d just be careful of giving it too often because he seems to grow a tolerance to it making it less effective. So in the ballpark of once a week. Also the cost of it is not bad which helps. Satisfied with the result.

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