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Pet Calming Aid for Thunderstorms

Take Away Your Pet's Stress Due to Thunderstorms

Thunderstorm can be terrifying for your pets. The loud rumbling booms that shake the house, the bright flashes of lightning that light up the sky, not to mention the build-up of static electricity in their fur that can cause painful shocks.

scared doggy
scared cat-lightning

Your pets can get jumpy and upset as the confusion, fear, and anxiety builds in them. Some pets get so upset that they may start urinating in the house or even become destructive.

As a pet owner, this is an upsetting thing to witness. You become frustrated and sad that your pet is getting so upset with very little you can do to calm them down or make them feel better. These are some of the hardest moments as a pet owner and you look forward to seeing them get back to their old happy selves.

in the rain a fluffy large dog in a collar with a leash looks in fear up pressing his ears

Extreme Solutions

Some solutions like prescription sedatives can bring worries of their own, often making your pet groggy and difficult to rouse. Some people resort to locking their pet away which results in even more stress, anxiety, destruction, and all-around heartache.

Try Calm Down™

To help ease your pet's anxiety Healthy Solutions for Pets has worked with veterinarians to create a calming aid specifically designed to help relieve the stress and anxiety caused by these types of situations. Our unique blend of Melatonin, Thiamine, Chamomile, and Ginger help promote a gentle sense of relaxation, helping your furry friend to relax, overcome their fear, and allowing you both to get back to the more important things in life, like wet slobbery kisses and belly rubs.

HSFP Calm Down

Safe And Effective

Calm Down™ won’t put your dog to sleep or heavily sedate them. They will still be aware and alert and will function normally. The soft chews taste great so they are easy to give.

Be prepared with Calm Down™

Don't wait until next time when it's too late again to order. Order Calm Down™ today so that next time a thunderstorm strikes both you and your furry friend are prepared to ride it out in ease.

What Pet Owners Say About It

We bought these for our yorkie who gets scared during storms and continuous loud noises. They start working in about 20 to 25 minute and they really do calm him down. Came in handy recently during the 4th.

Israel B Verified customer

Ever since my dog began taking this, he no longer bites and scratches himself from being so anxious and now he acts like a normal dog again. Would recommend!

Courtney Verified customer

Very effective. I will only say that do make sure you know your dog’s weight, I may have given my puppy a little too much at first he was very sleepy. Then read the directions, silly me haha. It works though, it if makes a little devil like my pup calm down I have no doubt it will work for yours.

Emily Griffin Verified customer

Limited Time Offer

While we can’t help to relieve your pet’s stress right now, we can help you be prepared for future storms so as a special offer for pets and their people, during thunderstorms, we offer Calm Down™ with a 20% OFF Discount.

As with all of our products we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to make sure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. This offer is only available for a limited time and cannot be reached through our regular website. So choose your product below and help ensure that you and your pet aren’t at nature’s mercy the next time that the weather turns bad.

Money Back Guarantee
Cat Calming Aid Soft Chew

Promote a calm and tension free environment. They taste great and come with added ginger and melatonin.


Dog Calming Aid Soft Chew

Promote a calm and tension free environment. They taste great and come with added ginger and melatonin.

$11.99 - $18.99

Hemp Calming Aid Soft Chew

Promote a calm and tension free environment. They taste great and come with added ginger and melatonin.