Adopt! – Don’t Shop


Are you looking for another furry family member who will share your life? Instead of driving down to your nearest pet store, consider the millions of lovable animals waiting for a home in countless animal shelters across the country. In fact, shelters are facing an overpopulation crisis that is far worse than many people may be aware. If you decide to adopt a shelter dog, your efforts might produce more benefits than a store-bought pet, as well as help to diminish a growing problem.

Too Many To Care For

Statistics show that in one day, about 70,000 dogs and cats are born in the United States. There is a harsh reality facing these puppies and kittens since not all of them can be cared for properly. This statistic also considers homeless animals that breed, their unwanted offspring, and lost pets, or surrendered pets that an owner can no longer care for. Even more heartbreaking, homeless pets run the risk of encountering dangerous wildlife or cruel people who abuse animals.


Shelter Life

Fortunately, some animals are taken to a local animal shelter. In these shelters, pets are provided food, water, proper medical care, and given a roof over their heads. Shelter staffers work tirelessly to provide another option for dogs and cats who cannot be cared for any more by their owners. They also help keep helpless animals off of the streets. Open-admission shelters will never turn away a needy pet, but that does come at a price. If more people decided to adopt instead of purchasing a pet, fewer animals would have to be euthanized and there would be more assistance for another pet in need.

The Benefits Go Both Ways

Adopting a pet can also turn out to be a blessing for you as an owner. Store-bought pets are usually very expensive and many times come from unscrupulous breeders whose only concern is making a profit.  Shelter animals are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, usually are socialized and may already be house-trained. In many instances, the shelter has a history of the pet.


By giving one pet a loving home, you can help lessen the pet overpopulation problem. Finally, remember the most important thing, no matter whether your pet comes from a store or a shelter the love, affection, and gratitude that you and your family receive will be equally immeasurable.

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